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Becoming Lakeside started as a dream. Ashley Welch,my sister In-law dreamed of owning her own Wedding Venue, and since I have an inside scoop from being a wedding vendor for the past - almost 10 years, I joined in to help. Lakeside at Welch Estate was born in May 2017, when my brother Bobby and Ashley purchased the enchanting property. I am finally starting this blog, to showcase the phenomenal progress and vendors that frequent the property. This is YOUR place. To come and enjoy photos of our family venue.Thats right! Both my parents, Ashleys parents and our children are working together to get this dream in motion. It sure takes a team of people to create something so Extraordinary. Will it be easy, NO-Will it be worth it. YES!

Our FIRST Bridal Tea and Tour open house just happened. 8.20.17 we wanted a laid back environment for those bridal explorers to come and relax. We had a few special preferred vendors joining us.

Follow our journey here and on Instagram!

F:Lakeside at Welch Estate:Instagram: @becominglakeside

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