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Growing up in Upstate New York, among the rolling corn fields and farms, Joy and Bobby met. As brother and sister, of course. Each enjoyed a childhood of fort building, hide and seek in the corn fields with friends (this was before Children of the Corn - the movie), riding trackers in the fields with Dad and Grandpa, and snowmobiling in mountains of fluffy snow in the winter. Both, enjoyed life as country kids.

Joy and Bobby moved to Richmond, Virginia with their parents Joyce and Bob, in the Summer of 1992. Bobby graduated from Monican High School and Joy set off to college to become a Physical Therapist.

Each marry and holidays are spent together. Both  Bobby and Joy both have started and run respective  successful businesses in their chosen industries.


Catching up to 2017, Bobby and his wife, Ashley, have a dream to expand business into buying a property to turn into a Wedding Venue. Joy has built a business in the wedding industry for the past 10 years.  

Joy and Bobby together again, as bro and sis business partners!

Becoming Lakeside is Born.

A beautiful hidden place, that will ignite your soul. Deep into the beautiful unknown, a retreat that boasts beauty and peace. Visit with us at Lakeside at Welch Estates. A home to those who want a rustic venue with a private lake,  surrounded nature and beauty.

A stunning oasis awaits with gorgeous lake views,  natural knotty pine lined event space in a private 5,000 square foot house  featuring a gracious catering space to create the perfect surroundings for an unforgettable celebration. 


We host stunning weddings year round at Lakeside at Welch Estate.  Fall in love with a private lakeside wedding . Our facilities are versatile and accommodating, designed to maximize spring and summer’s open-air freshness and fall and winter’s crisp light and cozy warmth.

Our beautiful venue is available for events for bridal parties, luncheons or farewell sunday brunches.